Everything started with a failure.

It was during my search for different internships at Hyper Island back in 2007. My goal was to go overseas, be the best I could be and come back with tons of experience working with "cool" brands like Nike, Apple and Sony. The problem was that I applied as a design intern, and sadly did not get as many replies back from all my requests as I hoped.

So I cocooned myself, in my basement (a familiar setting to any animator) and emerged a month later with a brand new portfolio. One now showcasing my new skills as a motion designer. And it seemed like that worked because after just 1 week I was applying for a visa for a 8 month stay at the great OrdinaryKids in San Francisco. 

I mean I have always been into animation and film, especially the cinematography but I can now proudly say that the outcome of my failure as a designer has gotten me into more exciting things than I could ever imagine.

I'm Hampus Lideborg, currently living in Stockholm and has been in the business of animating images now 6 years, with great hopes of many more to come.

During these years I've worked with a lot of awesome and inspiring people. OrdinaryKids which started it all, Achtung! that got me down to Amsterdam for two years and taught me how to eat sprinkles on my sandwich and the most recent House of Radon which taught me a ton about how and why to work with live footage.

If you want to know more about how and when I did what, please take a cruise on my Linkedin. And if you want to send me an email, please do at hampus@lideb.org.

Thank you.