Sandvik - Materials Technology

‘Sandviks Material Technology’ is a developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, titanium and other high-performance materials. With this animation they wanted to show how Sandvik is always striving to become the most safe and eco-friendly corporation in their field. We had to overcome many technical problems during this project as we had to find a solution to align and animate all the elements on a sphere as well as working with the textures for the globe so they were projected correctly. I also got to play around with some simulations to create the flocking of the fish and the birds flying around. 


Preproduction, RnD's and various renders from the project.


We first did the outlines in Illustrator, then textured it with various repeatable patterns to get the right look. The last two images are the displacement map to take away the flat look and as last the specular layer to have get some reflections in the water.


Various references for the full style of the project and more detailed for the industry scene and the oil vessel shot.